Dream Big Fly High

Before the hustle bustle of this vibrant city starts, I set sail from this island city towards an exciting treat. The orange, blue and white in the skies merged with it’s reflection in the waters of the Arabian Sea.

As a kid I always wondered if I could ever fly with my own wings. Oh you got it right “my own wings”! On my own wings like those of the high flying birds. And fly even higher in the space where my imagination would take me. From there I could see the blue earth going round peacefully.

It was a pleasant experience of birding which I had with Dr. Vaibhav Deshmukh of BOTRD Nature Club.

My bird watching tour was at Akshi beach in Alibag which is a long stretch of beautiful clean beach with sparkling sand and clear water. It is bird watchers paradise and the best part about Akshi is its non-commerciality where nobody disturbs you.

Wading birds or waders are species of birds that continuously feed on banks of water bodies. Mumbai is blessed with a wide coastal belt which is winter ground to many migratory birds. It is said that 4 hours before high tide is the best time to see waders.

Some of the birds which we spotted were Whimbrel, Lesser crested tern, Sandwich tern, Caspian tern (largest tern), Ruddy turnstone, Dunlin-Partial Breeding Plumage (Dr. Vaibhav’s favorite), etc. In most bird species, only male birds sing, and they do so conspicuously from high, exposed perches in order to attract attention to their song and for the song to be broadcasted further.

If you are planning to go for birding, do observe the colour of wings, legs, bill of bird, size of body, dilation of pupil and the songs birds sing which distinguishes one species from another J The picture of what we saw can be viewed here – http://sillbills.blogspot.in/2011/11/waders-at-akshi-beach-alibaug.html

Cheers – Lubna


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