New Girl in the City

City of gardens! City of electronics! City of pubs! Well you can make a guess…When I landed here, the first image which caught my attention was the Indic script which I wish I could comprehend. If you love listening to stories then let me share one with you.

Years ago, a Ruler had lost his way while hunting and then he landed at the hut of an old woman. The tired king was treated to a plate of cooked beans by this kind woman. In the honour of her kind hospitality, the King decided to name the place as “Benda Kaadu Uru” (city of cooked beans). Yes, your surmise is correct, the city is now known as Bengaluru (earlier known as Bangalore).

I could indulge in the sheer joy of being at the top of the city and stargazing from this amazing rooftop. While the night life is awe-inspiring, my confidant and I had a great time at Skyye Lounge (name to be pronounced in Kannad style). Skyye Lounge is one of those places you will never want to leave. The glass floor is lit-up with lights from below. The tables are arranged spaciously (coming from Mumbai – you tend to observe lavish use of space). The DJ keeps spinning with some great music and the food tastes awesome. Although I do not consume alcohol, I could see that it was an enjoyable place for those indulging. The beautiful night skyline of Bengaluru as seen from this place, the delicious food, the engraving music… Everything intoxicates you without drinking and “we danced like there’s no tomorrow”.

I am fortunate to have a pigeonhole in Indiranagar which has 168 food joints!!! I will soon be a Falstaffian as I have been hogging on the toothsome delicacies of Bengaluru.

Bengaluru tumbha ishta 🙂 (I love Bengaluru)

Cheers – Lubna


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