One evening at Suzette

When I walked into this place for the first time, I noticed that it has a French touch about it. The place is very small and almost hidden in Atlanta Building at Nariman Point. Well, I had imagined Suzette to be like any other restaurant. I was flabbergasted to see 8 small square tables in a rectangular arrangement.

It was a Saturday evening, the lighting was dim enough to feel calm and the perfect sound volume of music mesmerized me.

Pierre could make out that I was a first time visitor and offered help to order a crêpe which I still enjoy the most. While I was eagerly waiting for the crêpe, I caught sight of a rack full of books about France, daily newspapers and popular weekly / fortnightly journals. The work done by Claude Monet enlivened me and before I could dive into another book, Pierre served my favourite Forêt crêpe with well-done egg. Pierre and I exchanged tête-à-tête in French which was an experience in itself.

So if you go for a walk at Nariman Point or want to luxuriate yourself, don’t miss to treat yourself with crêpe at Suzette!

Cheers – Lubna


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