Seeds of Hope

As I got my index finger inked, I was filled also with hubris.  I am not a movie freak but when it comes to watching a movie at my favourite multiplex I am surely an early bird .  I just cannot miss my favorite song written in highly Sanskritised (Tatsama) Bengali which is played before any movie that is screened in India.  Voilà! I am talking about our mellifluous national anthem 🙂

Let me share a secret with you… the thought of joining the Indian Government Service and serving the people of our nation brings very proud feelings.  National service has something special that makes me feel all charged and motivated.

More than 6 decades of independence and our Motherland has been wanting us to live the ideals with which our nation was formed.  Our tricolor, our national anthem and our Constitution are our great inspiration.  My favorite verse from Narendra Modi’s speech on Independence day sums it up and lays out a vision for us … “This country has been built on such foundation of ancient cultural heritage, where we were told of only one mantra during Vedic period, which is indicative of our work culture, which we have learnt, we have memorized -“Sangachchhdhvam Samvadadhvam sam wo manansi jaanataam.” We walk together, we move together, we think together, we resolve together and together we take this country forward.”

I personally think that our new Prime Minister has not only been giving good speeches but is also leading by example when he puts emphasis on implementation.  Actions speak louder than words and while announcing policies and making promises may not be very difficult, but following through definitely requires a lot of will.

Our success in reaching Mars on a shoe string budget, our athletes making us proud at the recent Asian games with such minimal facilities, Nobel Peace prize, test-firing of indigenously developed sub-sonic cruise missile Nirbhay (and the list just keeps going on), fills us with national pride .  I firmly believe that it is not about giving speeches to show love and pride for country but it is about love for country being ingrained in your heart which makes such achievements possible.

I am sure many of you have heard about “Good luck plants” (also known as hope plants) which are known for attracting joy, wealth and luck.  Well I am not superstitious, but let me tell you that somebody who is au fond de mon coeur got this plant for me and I have stationed this hope plant at my beautifully decorated desk.  Looking at the hope plant provides me inspiration and as the plant grows, my belief in doing better and learning new things every day strengthens 🙂

“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.”

― Albert Einstein

What inspires you??



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