Before Sunset

Once again I started my Sunday early morning and set out to seek another rendezvous with Mother Nature. This time the trip was going to take more time. I boarded a train and joined my friends who were going to accompany me for what was going to be a day long adventure. The road to Sajan Dam area in the Thane District was decent except when we crossed Bhiwandi.  It took us 2 hours of driving from Thane in our small car.

Nature trails resort at Sajan is a small, peaceful and inviting resort with tree top rooms and one of the main reasons for making this trip was kayaking and river rafting. To my disappointment kayaking timing was 10:30 am. So, a tip here is to call and check out the timings of adventure sports in advance.

The resort served food grown on the organic farm within the resort itself. Paneer mushroom and Mixed vegetable curries were too good and so was the Dal. I let myself indulge into some freshly prepared Gulab jamun (Indian sweet dish). Well there is a swimming pool in the resort and some indoor sports like table-tennis – but that was not what we were looking for. After lunch and a brief break on the hammocks we set out for the Sunset Point. It is also known as mini-Mahabaleshwar (name of a hill station).  Located on the road between Vikramgad and Jawhar, the Sunset Point is nestled amidst a very scenic range of hills and provides picturesque view of the greenery, the farms below and of course the spectacular view of the setting sun.

There are few other attractions where one can go like the Palusa waterfalls which is ideal for trekkers and adventure seekers, Sajan dam and a memorial of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj near Vikramgad.  But exploring more requires more time and which means a stay over or starting even earlier in the morning. Some other day we decided.

As we started to drive back homewards we had two options drive back about 60 odd kms towards Manor i.e. Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway or go towards the Mumbai Nashik highway. For some reason we chose the latter. We passed by many villages and the breathtaking view of the setting sun made us pause on few occasions. Very much like us, we could see bevy of birds heading homewards after enjoying the day. After it got dark the joy of driving in the countryside turned into quiet prayers! The roads have no lighting whatsoever and very very scanty vehicles. Thanks to our GPS navigation we made it to the NH3 (National Highway) and then it was super pleasant experience. We crossed people who were walking from Mumbai to Shirdi with the Palanquin – A walking pilgrimage which is a distance of 242 kms and my friends informed me it takes 9 days for these pilgrims.

I share my thoughts with Mattie Stepanek as “Sunset is still my favorite colour, and rainbow is second”.

Cheers – Lubna




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