Flying colours

At times I let my dominating me rule and so I impelled my French teacher to play one of my favorite movies in class.  The name of movie is Les intouchables (untouchables) and you can check out the official trailer by following this link (

So for breathe of fresh air I decided to fly, well literally!  I always wondered how it must feel for the birds to fly high above the ground.

Saturday evening I called up Nirvana Adventures to check for the timings and the exact location and I received contact details of Ravi who was to be my pilot.  Nirvana Adventures attracts many enthusiasts to the mountains at Kamshet where they offer paragliding courses (4 days) and short tandem flights (10 minutes to 30 minutes).  The meeting point was a local restaurant at the foot of the mountains.  A hired TATA Sumo took enthusiasts to the top of the mountain.  There were also some foreign nationals among us. The road (it is actually an overstatement to call it a road!) was more like a trekking path.

On reaching the top of the mountain, Ravi immediately called me for the glide and I asked Ravi’s assistant to check if the carabiners attached to my belt were in order.  I wanted to close my eyes at the time of launching when I was running towards the edge of the cliff but “my wing” took in the air and up we went.  My wing was rainbow coloured and my pilot Ravi has been gliding since 14 years.

It was interesting to learn that, what I always loosely referred to as a parachute is actually called a “Wing”.  Those who fly these wings are called pilots and paragliding flights can cover distances of tens of kilometers.  As we went higher, I looked down and saw the beautiful green mountains and the scenery surrounding the landscape.  Also, the trucks on the nearby highway looked like ants.  I always wished to soar effortlessly like an eagle and not just fly like a bird.

I love being out in nature and going on the occasional hike but above all I love to give myself an adrenaline rush.  Hence, paragliding seemed like the perfect way to soar effortlessly and the acrobatics which gave an andreline pumping rush. Ufff…what a fearless feel I had after the first two turns!!  I have been for parasailing in the past but this was completely different.  At one point I raised my arms and held them wide like an eagle.

Les intouchables was my inspiration that gave me a sudden brilliant idea to fly with my wings and I shall leave you with a short poem quote by Ms Moem.

Spread your wings
It’s time to fly
Make the leap
Own the sky!

Cheers – Lubna


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