A letter from my secret Admirer

We all had Talent Hunt (dance or singing or mimicry competitions) in schools and colleges wherein some of us participated while others attended the show.  I have been attending concerts and dance shows and used to wonder how difficult it must be to perform on the stage.

As a part of KPMG’s annual meet (Town hall) event, an announcement was made for Talent Hunt – for those who are enthusiastic about dancing and singing.  On reading the announcement, within seconds I decided to participate (even though the talent required was completely missing) and started nudging my colleagues to participate as well.  Finally, we formed a group of four girls and we requested a professional to choreograph the song.  My inept performance required lot of efforts and dedication.  We practiced twice a day in this hectic season of November – early in the morning before office hours and late in the evening after office hours J November mixed with Talent Hunt made us completely “non compos mentis” (insane).

The auditions were conducted at our Lodha office (cafeteria) and the performance was well received by the audience.  The results of our performance will be declared next week and I have kept my fingers crossed 🙂

While my colleagues and friends appreciated our performance, there is something strange and interesting which happened in office on the next day of my performance.  Generally there are two types of envelops on my desk – one which I receive from my clients and other from KPMG offices / network firms.  But this was something different, a plain white envelope addressed to me and the name of the sender was written as “Admirer”.

The level of my curiosity shot up and without wasting a minute I decided to open the envelope.  I took few seconds to open the envelope and found a hand written letter in it.  Who wrote this letter? How did it reach my desk? Why was it sent to me? These questions crossed my mind while I held the letter in my hand.  So, finally I started reading the letter and every single line written on it made my smile broader and wider 🙂

Here is the transcript of the letter

“…..Saw your performance, it’s mesmerizing.

Song selection was great. Suited the mood. A good song selection wins half the competition. The songs were fast-paced, jazzy, melodious and dancy.

Then comes the costume, dressed in white, you and your team rocked the stage.  White is sizzling and nothing scorches like a lady in white, a beautiful lady.  Your costume selection was classy, so was the act.

In dance, the core element – movements. You are gifted. All your steps, movements, showed up – I mean, whatever steps were intended to be brought out, were seen too. The movements were sharp and fast. Delectable! The body completely moved in synchronized manner, no awkward gestures or fails. Impossible to achieve.

In Western modern dance, there is the need of unlimited energy. You made your presence felt on the stage, among the group.  Awesome energy. It’s difficult to do such a fast-paced dance for even 1 minute, and to keep up the tempo, as you did – is absolutely commendable.

Crowd was impressed. The rhythmic clapping was audible. Change of song and pace was innovative.

And the energetic, high velocity performance on “Dhating dhating” (lyrics of Hindi song) was awesome.  Sudden change in dance genre from Western to Indian, Konkani though not fully Lavani. You transitioned well. Congrats.

The foot-tapings made were incredible. So were the leg extensions.  You did well to dance co-ordinated in the group. When the group merged in the end, I wanted to give a standing ovation.

Awesome. Amazed.

Your Admirer.”

Well he (I hope so) is truly an admirer J

My dear secret Admirer, Not sure if you are reading my write-up, but I would love to meet you and thank you profusely for your kind words 🙂

Cheers – Lubna


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