Exploring the unexplored

Over the past few weeks I was moving from place to place and exploring.  It has been so much fun and learning being a drifter.  And while I am looking forward to many more adventures something different happened.  Here I was on a little trip to explore the unexplored places within me.  And so when I peeped within me, I found that there were various rooms.  Most of these rooms were open, while few of them were closed and locked.  The open rooms had those things which I love to do and which give me immense joy – such as being socially active, helping people, reminiscing my childhood days, my never giving up attitude and so on.  On diving deep within myself, I realized that I do various activities for these open rooms.

Juggling between the Real Circus and weekend work
So I opened the first room and volunteered for a CSR activity organized by my Firm and spent time with some special (not so privileged) kids.  We took around 47 kids who were within age group of 6-9 years out to “Rambo Circus” to celebrate joy and colours of life.  The jokes of the tall and dwarf clown brought a big smile on those small faces. Some of the trapeze performances left these kids star-struck.  We offered snacks to these kids and this time the smile was the broadest 🙂 Wow! What a great feeling it is to bring smile to those tiny faces! Unbeatable! Incomparable! 🙂

While I was fulfilling my social responsibility, there was a call from my colleague who needed help as he was hard pressed with Tax Returns having deadline of 30 Nov.  I was happy to receive this call as someone thought of me in the time of their need.  So post the CSR activity I was on the job to help my colleague which required me to stay awake till midnight.  So I opened the second room as well.

Time with my cousin – The Bride
Living a couple of hours away from each other, growing up at the same time and spending many nights chit-chatting.  She is my first friend, my confidant, my extended family, my crony with whom I spent hours of happiness 🙂

This is about my cousin Sabah who grew up with me.  Childhood days are the most precious days in one’s life and I spent those playing with toys, Barbie dolls, Doctor’s kit, cooking sweet food in my toy kitchen and the list goes on…I still recall that we used to eat from the same plate as it is believed that the bond between two people lasts forever if they eat from the same plate 🙂

But now she was getting ready to take life to the next level and I could hear the wedding bells chime 🙂

So I decided to spend a night reminiscing our childhood days with the “to be bride” before her wedding functions started.  And this is how I opened the third room as well.

Dancing Blues
As I was moving towards the fourth room, it made me slightly upset as our group dance performance did not make it for the Town Hall.  Actually, none of the group performances were shortlisted and only solo performers were given an opportunity. Unfair 😉 but I am not going to give up so easily.  Watch this space for my comeback with a Bang!

Closed rooms
Then I also noticed few rooms which were closed or rather I closed them.  I strongly believe that memories never die.  It’s just that we put some of these memories in a box and hide it so that it doesn’t hurt us every day.  These locked rooms had those memories and I did not want to open them.

And after this exploration I feel closer to myself and charged up for another week of exploration!

Cheers – Lubna


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