A visit to Food Paradise

I remember reading somewhere that no matter what the state of an economy is, there is one business which never fails – that is food business.  Many areas of Mumbai have come to be known as what is called “Khau Galli”.  “Khau” here means food and “Galli” means a lane.  It would be an understatement to say that people from Mumbai love food.  Yes, they adore food.

There are numerous Khau Galli(s) in Mumbai and I decided to visit the one in Ghatkopar East (suburbs) which allured me with its sight, sound and smell.

Dosas, Frankies, Sandwiches, Double Roti, Bhel, Tikkas and on and on the list goes.  All these are mouth-watering propositions!  I love eating as much as I love cooking… well may be more also.  Once I entered the lane I really did not know where to start.  I reached there around 4 pm on Saturday and the crowd was just starting to pick up.  One of the vendors informed me that the lane usually is fully functional by 4.30 pm.

I took a walk down the lane, well literally 😉 and checked out the various stalls that were there.  It was not easy to make up my mind on what to buy.  Very close to the North end of the lane I saw a vendor selling all kinds of chips and farsan (fried or baked edibles usually eaten as snacks).  I was surprised to see the variety and my eyes fell on the Soya chips, these were baked and not fried in oil said the lady in Gujarati (Ghatkopar has a huge Gujarati speaking population and so it is not unusual).  While purchasing the chips I knew this was probably the only healthy food I was going to get here 😉


The next stop was at the Dosa stall and here I could see eight sigdis (stoves with coal) and equal number of big tawas (open round pans) and the cooks stood on both sides of the stoves.  Behind the cooks stood one person serving out chatni / Indian sauce in small bowls, he was also the cashier.  They boasted of forty-four types of dosas and their speciality was the “Special Schezwan Manchurian Dosa” and “Gini Dosa”.  I saw the cooks dishing out dosa after dosa to the endless string of customers.  The Manchurian Dosa was cooked with some noodles and sauces in it were neatly folded and crispy.  It was accompanied by very tempting Manchurian in a side container and one small bowl of spicy Schezwan sauce.  While feasting on the dosa my eyes fell on the adjacent stall which was selling Frankies.  These aroma of the Frankies was really inviting but I could only manage to read the Menu as the Dosa occupied my tummy!

Gini Dosa

Manchurian Dosa

Dosa tawa

As I finished my Dosa I then decided to have some aerated drinks / soft drinks.  Masala Sprite and Masala Thumbs up were supposed to be the best sellers and I went for the Masala Sprite.  This is a place for the greedy isn’t it, I thought to myself and I moved to my next target… the Paani Puri guy was surrounded by people gobbling up the Paani Puri.  My mouth is watering even now… The next on the radar was the Sandwich vendor.  No no I am not a monster and by this time I was in no position to eat a sandwich.  The grilling machine was full of sandwiches which were really Jumbo in size.

Toast Sandwich

Exactly opposite to the Sandwich vendor was a fruit juice seller and fresh fruit juices were being served to big crowd.  The double roti is something I somehow managed to keep my hands off, as I passed by the plate full of the delicious filling which went into the bread.  I was wondering why I have only one stomach! The next stall was a Tikka (Barbeque) and Rolls seller.  Here too the only thing I could do was watch and think… may be next time.

Double Roti

Finally, I walked to the one stall for which I had been saving some space, the Malai Gola stall.  On the way I crossed another sandwich, Pizza, Chaat shop and a cake shop.  The Malai Gola looked delicious and creamy and once I got into the act it disappeared in two minutes!

Badshah Malai Gola

By this time I had started walking like a Penguin!

I will run a little longer in the gym I said to myself 😉

Cheers – Lubna


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