Challenge for you!

I do make the most of my weekends but rarely make any itinerary in advance for my weekend.  While I was en route Oxford book store after my French class, I bumped into a school friend at the Churchgate station.  I was seeing one of my best friends after years and while we were walking just like the way we did during school days, we had a lot to share about what’s happening in our lives.

I did briefly mention about La Semaine and she being a journalist was delighted to know about my blog.  So, it was customary for her to ask about the topic for the coming week and I gave an honest answer – “I have no clue about it.  I just do something creative and then share my experience.” She gave an astonished look and said, “Why don’t you do something that you have not done in the last 10 years?”

Saturday evening

After she left, I was thinking out loud, what have I not done in last 10 years??? Simple as it may sound as a question, but definitely difficult when one has to answer that.  But I took it as a challenge!

So I travelled 10 years back which took me to good old school days. Thoughts started flowing….<<Drawing, painting and craft – Done, Singing, dancing and role play – Done>>. I was focusing too much on my school and then I started focusing on “school days”, and my answer was on the road, right in front of me!  I started laughing when I found the answer and decided to “acquire” my answer right away!

Yes, you got it right “acquire” my answer ;). So let me spill the beans, it is “cycling” which I had not done in last 10 years.  I could have taken a bicycle on rent but as I was reminiscing my childhood days, I wanted to buy one.  Without wasting any time, I immediately went to a bicycle shop and bought a BMX.  There I was – Proud owner of the Bicycle!

Sunday morning

6:00 a.m. and I was up on my feet.  I took the Bicycle to Marine Drive and was not sure if I will be able to ride it on the road after so many years.  But, I wanted to give it a try and to my great surprise it was nothing but a cake walk! Err or should I say cake pedal!?

The Marine Drive multi-use path is perfect for cycling and I was racing with those jogging and running! (Unfair! But, so is the world).  Out of all the benefits of riding a bicycle, for me it had an extraordinary effect on my brain chemistry.  The breath of fresh air was rejuvenating!

The perfect Sunday morning concluded with breakfast at my favorite place – Pizza By the Bay (‘PBB’) which is one of the few places in Mumbai that serves breakfast at 7:00 a.m.

Here’s a challenge from me to you – Do something that you have not done in last 10 or 20 or 30 years and do share your experience with me!

Cheers – Lubna



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