A candle light dinner

Somehow all these days I have missed going to this restaurant and writing about it.  And on this occasion I landed there by accident.  But then I would like to believe that “there are no accidents” as the Master Oogway said in one of the famous animated movies.  I was meeting a dear friend whom I had not met for a long time and we decided to go to some place in Nariman Point.  Suddenly as the taxi was turning around the corner I remembered this restaurant and asked the cabbie to stop. We both entered “Spesso” and went “Wow!” – It was their candle light evening that day.  The restaurant was almost empty with only 3 tables having guests which made it peaceful to talk.  The last time I went there was with my bestie whom I don’t see anymore 😦

The ambience at Spesso is simply charming and certainly candle light evening is special. They have Tuesdays as their candle light evening.  The chocolates, cakes and pastries at the counter right at the entrance are just so tempting.  After we had placed the order, I could not resist and while my friend went out to answer a call, I sneaked over to the dessert counter and bought a “Rainbow Cake”.  It was delectable – No other cake could have been better than this!

For the main course we ordered the Mariachi Burritos and the Risotto.  The quantity and the taste was just too good and we could hardly manage to eat it all.  So here is a tip, when you go to Spesso you should order a little less liberally.  “The Wok” is also worth a try for main course.

While my friend agreed with me that we were both full and could eat no more of the Risotto in front of us, we had space for the next thing to come.  The Chocolate Soil is the most irresistible dessert I have ever had.  Layer of chocolate and cocoa powder under which there was Vanilla ice-cream and pieces of chocolate cake (last time they served this with Butter Scotch ice-cream which was much better than Vanilla ice-cream).  We devoured the chocolate and the ice-cream.  This is one dessert here which has no comparison with any other place I have been to.  The second best dessert here is Hazelnut Chocolate Pot which is equally filling.

And here is a little knowledge nugget – The word “Spesso” is Italian.  As an adjective it means “thick” or “dense” while as an adverb it means “often”.  http://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/spesso

Cheers – Lubna


Rainbow cake



Hazelnut Chocolate Pot


2 thoughts on “A candle light dinner

  1. Nice! Where exactly is spesso? In the Inox area? After they shut Spaghetti Kitchen, I’ve been looking for new places and this looks just great! Thanks for sharing.

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