India ka Tyohaar (Festival of India)

Most of you know what I am going to talk about today! Yes, this is about an IPL cricket match I attended last week with my colleagues.

A short background about IPL – Indian Premier League is an annual Indian Twenty20 cricket tournament. It consists of number of teams (currently 8) which are named after Indian cities, having players from different countries including India, owned by franchises and is held in India.

This was my first visit to Wankhede stadium in Mumbai and the match was between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Delhi Daredevils (DD).  The selfie booths, cricketer picture standees, stalls outside the stadium selling MI Jerseys, red horns, multi-colour Malinga wigs, MI blue flags, etc. created a festive aura.

The extraordinary Sameer Kochhar was anchoring and Hindi songs were played in the stadium.  We settled down after the very loud welcome music subsided.  The match began and within a minute they started playing the song again as DD lost first wicket to MI on first ball.  The packed blue stadium (colour of MI jersey) was waving the blue MI flag and cheering for MI.

After the end of first inning, the match was interrupted after four overs due to lightning when MI were batting.  The play resumed after a short while but the unexpected rain halted it again and we (MI fans) were nervous at the possibility of losing the match if the play could not be resumed.  Irony here was that it rained only in the area surrounded by stadium!

But play did resume after half an hour and MI began to knock fours and sixes.  After a cut to cut – ball to score MI won the match by 5 wickets.

It was so nice to see 32,000 people waving one colour flag, cheering for one team, dancing and singing together in one tone.  There was no way in which one could have identified these people other than MI.  I wonder why can’t these same people be together when it comes to Religion? May be the answer lies within each one of us.

Cheers – Lubna




Varun S

Snehal Sagar


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