Weekend washed out by Rains

As the world observed its maiden International Yoga Day on 21 June, India is in grip of Yoga fever.  Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice having its 5000 years old roots in India.  Yoga in Sanskrit means “union”.  Yoga for me, is nourishment for the soul!  Well, I am not going to reiterate the undoubted benefits of practicing Yoga.

Rains during Ramadan can be a spoiler for street food stalls.  The thick black clouds enveloped Mumbai on Friday and it has been pouring since then.  Rains have locked us indoors and I am eagerly waiting for the rains to take a break, so that I can feast for Iftar at Mohammad Ali road.

While I spent my weekend at home, I was watching TV with my family.  One of the debates on Yoga which I saw on a news channel had priests from different religions.  They discussed “Why is Yoga being protested against?” These representatives of various religions discussed the reservations they had and pointed fingers at other religions.  It was really sad to see that the focus had shifted from Yoga to religious and political issues.

A practice (Yoga in this case) is a matter of choice and cannot be forced on anyone.  In a secular country like India, correlating a practice to a particular religion can be disturbing.

One can only hope that the mental blockages which people have are washed away, just like rains wash away the dirt!

Cheers – Lubna


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