Mystery of Dreams

Everyone dreams during sleep, but not everyone recalls the mental escapade the next day. For about one third of our lives we sleep, with most of it spent in one form of dreaming or another. This means that if you sleep for an average of seven hours a day and live for 70 years, 20 years of your life are spent dreaming.

It is said that travel broadens the mind but dreams expand it far more. Without this act of imagination that arises from powers of the mind, we would indeed be impoverished. There is a neurological evidence that brain cells undergo a learning process during dreaming.

I was astonished to know that our three pound brain mass has in it about ten billion nerve cells. Each of these cells can link with any of the others through patterned connections which outnumber in scope the atoms in the Universe.  As we think, as we experience, our brain flashes through these unimaginable number of patterned connections thousands of times each second. This is beyond our normal ability to imagine, despite the fact it is actually happening to us personally.

Experts says that when we dream, the brain puts our memories together in different ways to make new connections and relationships. May be that’s the reason why memories of a few dreams stay with us for years, more potently than many memories of the waking world.

There is evidence that people can consciously slow down their heartbeats, change the temperature of their bodies, solve mathematical problems as fast as any computer and even heal their bodies of illness. There is no doubt that the human mind has immense possibilities. Dreams, the unwilled action of the brain during sleep possibly provides a glimpse of the vastness of these inner resources.

I recall my dreams quite often. At times, I see myself flying or running or surrounded by water. I am not sure if I can decode the mystery of my dreams.  I believe at times it is good if the mystery continues.

As Haruki Murakami, Japanese writer says, “The answer is dreams. Dreaming on and on. Entering the world of dreams and never coming out. Living in dreams for the rest of time.”

Cheers, Lubna




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