Barter Skill at Skill Street

Coping with our crazy busy lives, we often fail to appreciate skills we possess. To break the routine, Skill Street brings an enterprising concept in Mumbai to meet new people and exchange skills.

Skill Street organizes events on weekends for one and all. The last two events which I attended were Travel Mela and Skill Mela (Mela is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘gathering’ or ‘to meet’ or a ‘fair’).

We shared our varied travel stories at Travel Mela, organized at The Teapot Café, hidden in Fort area. We also learnt about different cultures around the world and like-minded people bonded over lip-smacking snacks and milkshakes.  All travel enthusiasts stuck Post-Its with their names on dream destinations which engulfed the World Map hanging on the wall of the Café.

World Map

Travel Mela

On the other hand, Skill Mela, generally organized at The White Owl – Brewery & Bistro, helps to find new skills which you may desire to learn and also share your skills with others. I swapped my French for Tamil and photography skills.

I also learnt to play few guitar chords from Kushaal Shah, a rescue diver. I was impressed to learn that this MBA-cum-rescue diver holds a CPR certificate (a lifesaving technique) issued by The International Committee of the Red Cross.


Skill Mela

At times we seek to understand what really interests us and what we really want to learn. These gatherings at Skill Street provide a flavour to mundane daily routine and help to identify diverse skills.

And, you never know which skill will really interest you and leave you with a desire to make it yours. So the next time you are thinking of learning a new skill or meeting new people, visit Skill Street.

Cheers, Lubna

Photo credits – Monsieur Anuj Kapoor


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