Every dark cloud has a silver lining (Post-surgery) – Part 2/2

Two learning by way of two short stories (real ones) from this incident.

Story#1 – Sour experience at one of the most reputed Hospitals

We always believe our Doctors and don’t see the need to question them. At times, we agree to whatever Doctors say without even applying our mind, thinking that our life is at mercy of Doctors. I am not trying to be critical as this situation is surely an exception.

Old Doctor – I understand you haven’t signed the consent Form and have few questions. Tell me?

Me – I would like to know how you would go about the surgery to fix my bones and what about after-effects?

Old Doctor – Well your facial fractures are real bad. I am going to make four cuts, one inside your mouth, one under the eye, one on the skull after shaving-off your hair and use the existing cut near the temple to fix your bones.  And if you think any other Doctor can fix it in a better way, go ahead.  (Rudely) And if you delay the surgery then your face will become flat as if someone has stepped on it.

Me – And what about scars after the surgery?

Old Doctor – They will stay forever and you will have a lot of swelling on face.

Me – (Well that hurts) If that is my fate, I will accept it but for now I don’t want to go ahead with the surgery.

So, this Doctor’s intention was pure business and he lacked professionalism. That said, there are genuine Doctors too and the one whom I approached for second opinion was really kind.  The New Doctor assured that he would fix all bones through the existing cut and seal it such that the scar will be hardly visible.  He kept his word and did an excellent job.

The lesson here is to believe that there is always a solution and one should not rely on someone’s opinion unless fully convinced.

Story#2 – Three Ps – Patience, Positivity and Prayers

My surgery went on for 7 hours as it involved fixing of facial bones and eyeball. When I saw my face after the surgery, I was really scared.  My eyeball was protruding, swollen and blood red.  I was lying on the hospital bed without any movement for three days.  During those days, I only thought about the good times spent and great times which lie ahead.  I firmly believed that I will be perfectly fine and this is just a difficult phase which will pass soon.  And it really did!

And every day I saw a change in me, a better me. The power to eschew negative thoughts lies within us and the best solution for every challenge is to deal with it patiently, be positive and keep praying silently.

We often fail to be thankful for the blessings we have. I had not realized before that being able to chew food is also a blessing.

The lesson here is to be always grateful for all that we have and if required, compare ourselves to the not so fortunate ones.

And, a BIG Thank-You to each one of you for your prayers and wishes. My surgeries were successful and I am recovering well.  And the best thing is that my slight warrior scar makes me proud and humble every day.

Cheers, Lubna

Dal Lake, Srinagar

2 thoughts on “Every dark cloud has a silver lining (Post-surgery) – Part 2/2

  1. Hello Lubna, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you…

    But I really admire your attitude and that will surely keep you going 🙂

    Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and that led me here…

    So good to read how you dealt with the whole episode and that says a lot about you as a character 🙂

    All the very best and let me pray for your quick and complete recovery …

    Great to be in touch 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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