Playing mind games at Creeda

In today’s world of Internet of Things, I will not be surprised if humans are able to connect their brains to a device which will then make them think logically. But before this evolution takes place, we can try secure ways to train our brains.  And this mental exercise is so much fun if one has to play mind-blowing Board Games with friends and family.

Creeda is the only Café in Mumbai which is dedicated to Board Games and I really appreciate the owner’s idea of ‘Bonding over Board Games’. Creeda offers world’s best Board Games which gives a unique experience. The collection of more than 250 Board Games at Creeda is amazeballs. While Creeda welcomes all age groups, I think it is a great place for children and teenagers.  And the best thing is that it is creating a community of gamers where people connect and bond over Board Games.


If you are a beginner, then you could try ‘Cluedo’, a murder mystery game which also helps sharpen direction and memory skills. Party games like ‘Anomia’ which leaves one with a face-off with the other player and one has to rub his brain cells to blurt out the correct answer first.  Strategy games like ‘Ticket to Ride’ wherein one has to make rail routes to reach the destination. As other players don’t know your destination, they may just block your route while trying to reach theirs.  That’s so much like real life.  Other games like ‘Black Friday’, a stock market themed game and luck based games are worth a try.  The staff at Creeda is just too good at suggesting games and explaining rules.

Ticket to Ride

These Board Games teach a lot and exposes one to intellect, competition, interaction, time and resource management skills and a lot more.

When I asked Riddhi (owner of Café), what does Creeda mean to her? She says that playing games is her passion which she has converted to business. And I wonder, shouldn’t each one of us do that?  It sounds fascinating to be paid for something one loves to do.  At times one has to pause, think and take ‘that’ plunge which makes life more meaningful.

Timings: 12 noon to 10 p.m.

Cost per person: Rs. 180 per hour and Rs. 500 all day on weekdays; Rs. 250 per hour and Rs. 750 all day on weekends and Tuesday is a steal day where you pay for one person if you enter the Café as two

Must try: Dice-shaped pop cakes

Other information: Follow and you can also place an order for your own Board Game

Cheers, Lubna








One thought on “Playing mind games at Creeda

  1. This is indeed a great way of getting together for some fun games, specially in today’s time when everyone is just busy doing stuff on their smartphones. There is hardly any interaction going on in our class rooms or offices. Sometimes it is just good to pretend to be in the early 1990s when life was much simpler without any hi-tech gadgets, people at least used to talk to each other and not pretend doing things on the smartphone.
    Great post indeed! The ambience of the place is amazing!

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