Letters of Love

Imagine life on halt which holds risk of becoming a ‘Lost Generation’. The “Lost Generation” was the generation that came of age during World War I. Lost means not vanished but disoriented, wandering, directionless—a recognition that there was great confusion and aimlessness among the war’s survivors in the early post-war years.

Based on the United Nation’s findings, Turkey has been the host to most number of Syrian refugees. More than 2 million Syrian and Iraqi citizens have taken shelter in Turkey where they are trying to start a new life.

According to official figures from UNICEF, children currently account for over half of the total number of refugees. These children have been through immense trauma at a tender age and many of them have lost their families. Social media frenzy was created for Aylan Kurdi, a 3-year-old Syrian toddler whose dead body was washed up on the beach in Turkey which then become a symbol of the ongoing refugee tragedy.

One may not be able to change the entire situation but one has to do his or her bit to make a difference to someone’s life.

Letters of Love is a global initiative guided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees that delivers personalized New Year postcards for Syrian, Iraqi and Yazidi refugee children in Turkey. If you’d like to send a refugee child a personalized New Year greeting then all you have to do is email your happy photograph and a warm wish to Pooja Pradeep (pooja.pradeep23@gmail.com). Letters of Love is Pooja’s initiative which hopes to make a difference to lives of refugee children and make them know that they do not belong to the Lost Generation.

To know more about this initiative, follow – https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/Lettersoflove and watch their video on YouTube – https://youtu.be/X7gE8rrMI74

I have sent my Letter of Love. Have you sent yours?

Cheers, Lubna


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